The American Legion National Convention

The American Legion National Convention

14 Episodes

VET Tv attends the American Legion National Convention, interviewing veterans, active duty military, and celebrity supporters of the military.

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The American Legion National Convention
  • Patrick Murphy

    Episode 1

    Patrick Murphy was the first Iraq war Veteran elected to Congress, former Undersecretary of the Army and Chairman of Task Force Movement. Task Force Movement was recently launched from the White House to get Veterans working.

  • Denis McDonough

    Episode 2

    Dennis McDonough, Secretary of Veterans Affairs discusses the steps taken by the VA to provide better care for our veterans and their families.

  • Jimmie Johnson and Chip Ganassi

    Episode 3

    Jimmie Johnson comes from a long line of veterans, and Chip Ganassi of Ganassi Racing has always been a big supporter of the veteran community. They both explain their involvement with the American Legion, and their involvement in the “Be The One” campaign.

  • Courtney Steffen

    Episode 4

    Courtney Steffen is the Commander of Post 136 in Brookings, South Dakota. She discusses being a young, female post commander as well as the help the Legion has given her and her community.

  • Nick Palmisciano

    Episode 5

    Nick Palmisciano is a Veteran entrepreneur, best-selling author and filmmaker. He discusses being a Legion member, his recent movie and his speech from the convention floor about always getting back up and trying again.

  • David Berkenfield

    Episode 6

    Former Naval Special Warfare Operator, David Berkenfield, discusses his move to Ganassi Racing as the Team Manager their involvement in the ‘Be The One’ campaign to help combat Veteran suicide after experiencing the loss of his teammates.

  • Tony Kanaan

    Episode 7

    Tony Kanaan, Brazilian racing star wants to eliminate Veteran suicide and discusses his involvement in the American Legion’s national “Be The One” campaign as well as his move to Ganassi Racing.

  • Dean Kessel

    Episode 8

    Dean Kessel is the Chief Marketing Officer of The American Legion. Dean is working hard to bring the Legion to the GWOT generation of Veterans.

  • Laurie Sayles

    Episode 9

    Laurie Sayles is the President of Women Small Vet Business Coalition. She led a round table to discuss Veteran entrepreneurship and getting Veterans the resources they need to become successful entrepreneurs.

  • Jared Lyon

    Episode 10

    Jared is the President & CEO of Student Veterans of America. Jared is working with college campuses to bring peer support networks to our transitioning Veterans.

  • Robert Warren

    Episode 11

    Robert Warren is the Military Affinity Development Manager with USAA. USAA is partnering with the American Legion to ensure members are supported and heard when they need financial services and so that Veterans also know they are heard and seen.

  • Jeffrey Daly

    Episode 12

    Jeffrey Daly is the Legion Post 43 Commander in Hollywood and also the host of Tango Alpha Lima podcast. Jeff discusses how the demographics of Legion membership are changing and what the Legion is doing to appeal to the younger GWOT Veterans.

  • Andy Wickstrom

    Episode 13

    Andy Wickstrom is the president of Henry Repeating Arms and he is discussing the Guns for Great Causes campaign as well the common cause of supporting our nation’s Veterans.

  • Thor Wold

    Episode 14

    Thor Wold, a Senior Manager at Medallia, is here to discuss the PACT Act and the circumstances surrounding its frustrating journey through Congress.