V for Valor

V for Valor

6 Episodes

An underachieving adjutant officer discovers POV combat footage contradicts the story of a bronze star being awarded to his career-oriented company commander. New episode every Wednesday.

V for Valor
  • Bronze Star | EP01

    Episode 1

    Captain Stults is about to get a Bronze Star for his heroism in Kapisa Province. 1st Lieutenant Anderson is tasked with reviewing the award citation and starts to discover some odd footage from soldiers’ mounted kevlar cameras that contradicts Stults’ story.

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  • The Casualty | EP02

    Episode 2

    First Lieutenant Battalion Adjutant Anderson checks footage from the mortarmen cameras and sees this “casualty” is a bit suspect. The footage also has the boys bantering about silly things like the holocaust before taking fire.

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  • Sniper Team | EP03

    Episode 3

    Anderson uncovers sniper footage to get a different POV and more clarity on what really happened during the battle. Combat cameras show the snipers taking fire from the Taliban, as Anderson discovers more about who might be responsible for all of this nonsense.

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  • Friendly Fire | EP04

    Episode 4

    First Squad’s combat footage shines light on a serious screw up by Captain Stults, giving Anderson a better idea of what actually caused the firefight to start in the first place. Now the tough part is Anderson has to either lie about what happened in his report, or tell the truth and put the awa...

  • The IED | EP05

    Episode 5

    First Lieutenant Anderson reviews the footage from the Afghan National Army. The ANA soldiers are debating American ideology and their involvement in the war when they see a star cluster. They race to help their American allies, but some unexpected issues get in the way.

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  • Wrong Turn | EP06

    Episode 6

    First Lieutenant Anderson shows Lieutenant Commander Smith the footage from the Taliban POV, which puts the final pieces together for the fight and influences Anderson’s recommendation on Captain Stults’ award.

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