Troops Gone Wild

Troops Gone Wild

7 Episodes

Marine veteran Jack Mandaville and former Airman Christopher Michael give color commentary on the week’s best video submissions from active service members of the United States Military with segments such as Meanwhile in Quarantine and the Submission of the Week. Want your videos in a future episode? Submit here:

Troops Gone Wild
  • Meanwhile in Quarantine | EP01

    Episode 1

    Jack Mandaville and Christopher Michael watch pigeons getting it on at 29 Palms and all of the week's other best submissions from active duty servicemen around the world.

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  • Samper Fidelis | EP02

    Episode 2

    Jack and Chris’s MRE lunch is ruined by others' choices in snacks. Jack admits the truth about his experiences with “throwing hands." Meanwhile, off in some barracks far far away, soldiers get the party started with a case of Top Ramen.

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  • Boot Loose | EP03

    Episode 3

    Sinking further into the couch during their quarantine, Jack and Chris reach for the remote and tune into several boots on the loose. Soldiers toss on combat boots to get their groove on, while Marines are being led by their boots for an all out aerial assault. As for some Sailors, they're out in...

  • Barracks Barbers | EP04

    Episode 4

    Come get a more complete picture of Christopher Michael, and maybe even the Air Force in general, when we remind him of a shameful memory where his friends caught him slippin' after he vowed to pull both triggers on a double barrel shotgun. Meanwhile, Jack tries to convince himself that he’s read...

  • The Nutcracker | EP05

    Episode 5

    Looking more haggard than ever, Chris and Jack peer in on this week's submissions while staying out of a rogue sniper's crosshairs. Meanwhile, off in some remote jungle, a Soldier does a very dirty thing with a sock. Most importantly, Chris makes good on his promise to Jack.

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  • It's 1700 Somewhere | EP06

    Episode 6

    After 5 weeks of quarantine with Jack Mandaville, Chris is reunited with Jessica Mandala and Fernando Rivera at VET Tv headquarters. In true Troops Gone Wild fashion, the gang pays homage to all the loyal battle buddies around the nation with some absurdly funny segments, but not before they get ...

  • Chasing Clout | EP07

    Episode 7

    This week the gang takes an intimate look into the world of military housekeeping while Jessica ices her botox lip. Troops leave it all out on the battlefield as they chase the clout of you and their peers in an attempt at social media glory. After a narrow victory, all eyes are on the Ramen Rac...