Now Serving

Now Serving

7 Episodes

Now Serving takes an intimate look at the brave souls of the military customer service wings. This sketch comedy series celebrates the unsung heroes from all branches, like the help desk support clerk onboard a ship or the finance admin working at IPAC. These heroes gear up each day and go to battle with the most feared adversaries CONUS has to offer - the customer. While the battle on the homefront might not cost them their lives, it most definitely will cost them their sanity.

Now Serving
  • Field Trip to Edson Range | EP01

    Episode 1

    When DI Betts finds out Corporal Horn and Corporal Franks were making fun of his disabilities in front of his recruit, Bett’s returns to the Armory to demand respect.

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  • Navy ADP Shop | EP02

    Episode 2

    CS1 Moon seeks out tech support, and ITSN Avery finds NSFW content that would make any sailor blush! Get ready for veteran humor that doesn’t hold back. Store:

  • Vehicle Maintenance | EP03

    Episode 3

    Senior Ramsey and Staff Sergeant Carmen pass their time on Youtube while manning the “VM” customer service shop. Their fun is cut short when a snot nosed Airman, Airman First Class Brett, shows up unannounced shaking his truck keys wanting service to be rendered. To add insult to injury, Brett is...

  • Pass and ID | EP04

    Episode 4

    It’s just another day of ass grabbing and grubbing at the Mayport Pass and ID shack for MA1 Thomas and MA3 White. That is until Jess, a base housing trophy wife, comes in demanding that the MAs put a base-wide restriction on “Jody," a revered base contractor.

    Reach out and text someone you s...

  • IPAC | EP05


    After getting busted down and booted from the MCRD Recruit Depot, Corporal Betts pays IPAC a visit to figure out why he came home to an empty bank account. When IPAC admin Corporal West discovers that Corporal Bett’s shared his myPay account with his girlfriend Veronica, things take a turn for th...

  • C.I.F. Karen | EP06

    Episode 6

    Central Issuing Facility clerk Karen Davis has feasted on the souls of Fort Hood Soldiers for the better part of two decades. When Specialist Haines enters C.I.F to turn in his gear for a simple PCA, he finds a contemporary already in mid battle with Karen and surprisingly making headway. Unfortu...

  • C.I.F. Hero | EP07

    Episode 7

    Coming off his last pump that earned him a Purple Heart and a permanent seat in a wheelchair, Sgt. Mann rolls into C.I.F. prepared for one last fight against resident insurgent - Karen Davis. After shamefully tallying up unfair gear fees, Karen gives Sgt. Mann an ultimatum to clear his debt. Unfo...