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Military Slang Dictionary

Rat F*ck | Military Slang Dictionary

1m 19s

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    A genre of art, specific to the military. From extensively detailed genetalia, to full walls covered in cities being destroyed by c*ckzilla, these works of art truly show that while military members may seem like mindless robots, there is some creativity and expression still alive in their brains...

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    The thermometer that Corpsmen shove up your *ss to get your core temperature when you pass out or become a heat casualty.

    Reach out and text someone you served with, social connection saves lives.

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    Forcibly shove your d*ck down their throat while grabbing their head and going to town. Most often used as a figure of speech to imply how bad you want to destroy and degrade someone. In the most extreme cases, f*cking someone through their eye socket works, too.

    Reach out and text someone yo...