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  • Ghost of Airmen's Past

    In a parody of A Christmas Carol, the legendary Ghost of Airmens's Past is summoned when the dangerous words "I love you" are uttered too soon by another Airman stuck in Tech School. Join the ride as Ghost drags young Airman Bender through the future in an attempt to stop him from marrying a girl...

  • Space Force Part 1

    Lance Corporal Lovecraft has been awakened 100 years in the future aboard a Space Force cruiser in deep space. However, the Space Force is nothing like he had ever imagined. He struggles to adapt to a brand new world, the rules and regulations, and the creatures that live among us.

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  • Space Force Part 2

    In part 2 of Space Force, Lance Corporal Lovecraft gives in to temptations aboard the ship and faces the consequences. On the brink of losing all hope in the Space Force and the future of humanity, Lovecraft is thrust into a situation that could change the course of Space Force forever...