• Hell or High Seas
    Movie + 1 extra

    Hell or High Seas

    Movie + 1 extra

    A salty Navy veteran attempts to sail around Cape Horn to combat PTSD.

  • Operation Heal★arious


    Finalists battle it out in the search for America’s funniest Veterans and Military Spouses.

  • Let's Talk About the War - Official Movie

    A docuseries that explores the mental toll 20 years of combat has on our warfighters from the Global War on Terrorism.

  • A Grunt's Life - Official Movie

    Imagine a movie showing everything you joked and fantasized about while you were in combat … well we made that movie, just for you.

    This dark, irreverent comedy horror is made for those who have had their minds twisted by war.

    On a remote patrol base in Helmand Province of Afghanistan in 2008, ...

  • Fire for Effect - Official Movie

    A night of non-stop laughs with underground comedians that would get them canceled anywhere else. Shot to raise awareness for a not-for-profit live comedy production, this show features talented comedians who perform for free on military bases, boosting morale, building camaraderie and promoting ...

  • Uncanceled - Official Movie

    Six comedians showcase their best military stories to a veteran audience who can relate more than they’d like to admit.