Veteran Artist Channel

Veteran Artist Channel

This is where you can see a variety of content from veteran film makers, musicians and comedians from around the country.
VET Tv is happy to help veteran artists get exposure.
We can all succeed if we help each other.

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Veteran Artist Channel
  • "22" Music Video

  • The Marine Rapper

    Follow him for more!

  • Vengeance And The Misery

    In support of Enjoy.


  • Elliott McKenzie - Gunshots (Feat.The Marine Rapper)


    The song is available in all digital music stores such as itunes, google play, spotify, etc..... All you have to do is search for "Elliott McKenzie Gunshots" in that specific store and it will come up.


  • Buy A Home Save a Vet

    Thinking about buying or selling a home?

    Check out Buy a Home Save a Vet, when you purchase a home through them they will make a donation in your name to one of their awesome Non-profits (like Irreverent Warriors!). It's zero cost to you, it's a no-brainer.

    You don't have to be a vetera...

  • Sovereign