VET Tv Presents: Off to See the Wizard

VET Tv Presents: Off to See the Wizard

3 Episodes

Some favorite characters from the VET Tv universe are back - and they're in therapy. Lieutenant Murphy is more at home on the battlefield than anywhere else. After his last pump to Afghan his command has required him to see “the Wizard," but he thinks it’s all BS and prefers this be over as soon as possible so he can get back to doing what he does best - “stepping on f*cking skulls.” Post being busted for having drugs, Specialist Cortez’s mandatory therapy has him feeling lost and lonely. He’s here to go through the motions but Dr. Kill has other plans with his therapy. HM1 Jessica Squibb also landed in Dr. Kill’s office for various reasons, but her trauma runs deep. She may be here voluntarily, but there’s enough toxicity in the air to make her believe this might not be the healthiest environment for her to heal.

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VET Tv Presents: Off to See the Wizard
  • Orientation | EP01

    Episode 1

    Three vets go for counseling and meet their new Doc. When the dark memories surface, they realize they aren’t the only ones with issues….


  • Pain Points | EP02

    Episode 2

    Dr. Kill invites Lenny the puppet to the group session with the hopes of decompartmentalizing his patients' unresolved issues, but Lenny starts to unpack issues on both sides of the table.

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  • Breakthrough | EP03

    Episode 3

    Dr. Kill utilizes CBT, music, and narrative therapy to help his patients move past their traumas by facing pain points head-on.

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