The BackHatch LIVE

The BackHatch LIVE

27 Episodes

LIVE with the VET Tv Crew Donny, Justice, Jessica, and sometimes Justin to tell you what's happening behind the scenes & get your feedback! We tell military stories and we want to hear yours! We engage our members live to build in public the next show on VET Tv, let you see how the sausage is made, and become part of the process of shaping future content.

Reach out and text someone you served with, social connection saves lives.

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The BackHatch LIVE
  • You Pick the Next Show on VET Tv

    Episode 1

    Donny and Justice pitch the three pilot concepts - "The Military Onion" Show - “Most influential moments of your career” show and Animated Boot Camp Stories. We want to hear your ideas, comment NOW!

  • Military Onion Stories (Pilot #1)

    Episode 2

    Donny and Justice pitch pilot concept #1 - “The Military Onion” show. Donny and Jessica act out how the Marine Corps turns you gay. And flesh out the other two ideas, VA benefits for those who "almost" joined and an Air Force Officer goes to court-martial and tried as a Marine Grunt. We want to...

  • Military Influential Stories (Pilot #2)

    Episode 3

    Donny and Justice pitch pilot concept #2 - “Most influential moments of your career” show. Donny tells the story about his Platoon Sergeant chewing his Platoon Commanding butt and putting him in my place and what he did next. If you have stories of a similar influence comment NOW!

  • Animated Boot Camp Stories (Pilot #3)

    Episode 4

    (Skip to 11:20 for sound) Donny and Justice pitch pilot concept #3 - "Animated Boot Camp" show. We have 3 stories of Muslim's eating bacon, boners on line, and a recruit without a sphincter. If you have boot camp stories that we should animate, comment now!

  • The 3 Pilot Winners are Announced

    Episode 5

    Donny and Justice discuss the 3 pilot concept winners including the Animated Boot Camp Show from last week. The next step is production and how you can be a part.

    Submit your ideas at

  • Boys Night - Camel Spiders, robbing banks, and sexuality tests.

    Episode 6

    Show starts at minute 6:40.

    We question Donny's sexuality. Jessica takes the day off again. Donny and Justice tell stories of fighting camel spiders, robbing banks, and life at Camp Lejeune in the 90's.

    We discuss the Onion show pre-production plan. Next week is production and how you can ...

  • Justice Arrested and Shooting Homeless

    Episode 7

    Starts at minute 6. Donny tears apart Justice's performance in the Onion pilot and then we tell stories about getting arrested in Freaknik. Also ranting about fake service dogs, their dirtbag owners, and shooting homeless.

    Special early LIVE, we have to leave early for the taping of Rapid Fir...

  • Video Game Premier, Military Onion Pilot, and Getting Racial

    Episode 8

    Starts at minute 6. Premiering the first edit of the Military Onion, find out why Justice was dismissed from the Quiz Show, and why missed last week because we teamed up with StackUp, The American Legion, Regiment, and Victura to host an exclusive, invite-only game launch party of “Six Days in F...

  • Spilled Coffee, Amazon women, joining the revolution, and more

    Episode 9

    Starts at minute 6! Don't mind the echo. Justice is back from vaca & pissed... Justin take the day off to watch men in tight shorts. Jessica tries to figure out how to make the mics work. Danny does pushups for Amazons. Justice gets burned by coffee and transports weapons across state lines....

  • Donny hikes & Justice quits drinking

    Episode 10

    Starts at minute 6! Donny spent the weekend on an IW hike in Bozeman, Justin came back from seeing men’s soccer just as gay as when he left, and learn why Justice quit drinking. We have a new boner sketch animation.

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  • Hiding Bodies and Coming Close to Suicide

    Episode 11

    LIVE 12 - 26 July 2023

    Danny spent the weekend in a bicycle helmet racing around Arrowhead. Justice’s medical results are in and he tells a story of how someone banging on his door like the police, was actually the police. FREE Merch

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  • Broken Dicks and Deadly 3 Somes

    Episode 12

    LIVE 13 - 2 August 2023

    Justin breaks his dick having fat boy sex, Justice gets his test results back, Danny dances until his ankle inflates, and more free Merch. Justice tells a story of how he also killed a girl during a 3-some. And Donny rants about how Veterans are killing the VA.

    Submit ...

  • Salad tossed hitchhiker and was Justice molested?

    Episode 13

    LIVE 14 - 9 August 2023

    The day is finally here for Justice’s hitchhiker journey that turned into unprotected sex. Justin and Donny dress like twins on NewsMax and Justin crowbars the conversation. Does molestation cause anxiety and who are the staff is most at risk.

    Submit your ideas at http...

  • Suicide Coffee Company Pitch & Justice's Nightmare Weekend

    Episode 14

    Justice has a weekend from hell and is traumatized by accidentally mutilating a squirrel. We pitch a new idea about a Coffee Company that promotes veteran suicide and more free Merch. And we rants about how most dog owners are narcissistic undeserving pieces of trash.

    Submit your ideas at http...

  • We screwed up, Surprise Guest & Dog Owners suck - Part 6

    Episode 15

    Last week was a sh!tshow. The infamous Bourke Floyd in studio! Jessica screws up the schedule. Justin doesnt communicate with the audience. Justice hates dog owners. Do you like the VET Tv sizzle, we want to know and more free Merch. It is true: Most dog owners are narcissistic undeserving ...

  • Concerts are full of @ssholes

    Episode 16

    Justice hates people at concerts, Justin fixed the internet & Donny is not back!

    Join us LIVE every Wednesday at 4pm PST!

    Why can’t people just sit down to enjoy a concert? You aint at the club! What is the VET Tv version of The Hangover. Answer: One Night in Bangkok! + more free Merch.


  • Comedy Show Disaster & Funny 9/11 Stories

    Episode 17

    LIVE every WED at 4pm PST. Chaos ensues as Jessica overcomplicates, Comedians get drunk, Donny catches the new strain of Covid. Can straight sex be gay?

    Special Guest Emily Everett @unclasboot IG and TT

    We all survived the comedy show, barely. Donny is back in studio. Jessica is on vacation...

  • Barracks Beatdowns and Paternity Tests

    Episode 18

    Who has a Story on Ship? Justice gets jumped in barracks at MOS school. Justin goes to a baseball game and pretends to be working. Donny continues to live his best life. And Justice teaches us all why you should paternity test your kids. Watch Devil Docs and win free Merch.

  • Freaknik Arrest and Paint Squirts

    Episode 19

    Who has a Story on Ship? Can you squirt paint from a squirt gun? Justice is the only white guy in Freaknik and the only guy that gets arrested. Play Stump the D and see Donny in a neon 2-piece. And Justice teaches us all why if you use headphones in the car, you are an @sshole. And win free M...

  • Devil’s Triangle and Anal Bleaching

    Episode 20

    That one time when Justice almost got NJP’ed after a failed Devil’s Triangle. Guess who had roofies and Anal Bleaching over the weekend? Roast beef eaters are @ssholes. Play Stump the D. Who wants to call in with a Story on Ship and win free merch?

    Join the VET Tv cast and crew every Wed at ...

  • Lunch Disaster & New Call in Game

    Episode 21

    Justin screws up the office luncheon. Call in to win merch, and play a new game versus Jessica. Can the deployment doll be the new Chucky movie? Play Stump the D. Who has a recruiting story?

  • Is 68W a bra size?

    Episode 22

    Justin figures out how to make sound work at 7:50

    Follow @KaylaSalinas_ on IG and @salinas_Kayla on TikTok.

    We discuss who is the biggest loser… Russia or Hamas. Next weekend is the Silkies hike, who is joining us? Call in to win merch and play Stump the Kayla. We fired our animator, see why...

  • Goat F@cker Sh!ts His Pants

    Episode 23

    Big Announcement today! Justin sucks at being a DJ at the Silkies Hike. And then falls down his own stairs. Jessica shows up for an hour. And Justice saves the day. Call in to win merch and play Stump the D. Funny Recruiting stories?

    619.320.5733 (leave a voice message on who is your favo...

  • LIVE with Jessica Lynch - Former Iraqi POW

    Episode 24

    Jessica Lynch calls in to discuss being the first successfully rescued POW since WW2 and how to thrive. Comment with your questions. And much more from Moving messes, Silkies Hike, Comedy Shows, and Chaos at Justice’s House.

    619.320.5733 (leave a voice message on who is your favorite host?)