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VET Tv Live

VET Tv Live

2 Seasons

VET Tv Live where we go live with Ron Ripley and whoever else wants to from 1600-1800 PT Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In the truest sense of VET Tv we will be sharing the grittiest military stories and inviting a ton of veterans and active duty guys and gals to hang and talk about the best and worst times in the military. Not many rules here except we don’t take ourselves very seriously.

If you're looking for past episodes, check out the "season" labeled Archive and binge many hours of the great faces and voices of the VET Tv community.

Reach out and text someone you served with, social connection saves lives.

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VET Tv Live
  • VET Tv Live | Inside The Wire

    Episode 1

    Two VET Tv fans and Sailors tell stories about getting caught on fire - one of them twice. Today's guests are fans/seamen Braden Trambly and Eric Budinger telling their stories from the FOB with VET Tv's "Rogue POG", Ron Ripley.

    Want to join the show? You got it! Bring your friends and get your ...