Trailers for upcoming episodes of original VET Tv programing.

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  • What is VET Tv?

    The first and only streaming TV network for the veteran community.

    We've got a whole network full of this stuff, with the same dirty grunt writing, but Hollywood production.

    Hollywood creates movies and TV shows about the military for the civilian population. VET Tv creates TV shows for ...

  • Kill, Die, Laugh Launch Trailer

    We take the most serious topics in the military and parody the shit out of them. The "Chapelle's Show of the Military" is the flagship show for VET Tv.

  • Difference in Generations

    This short shows the generational gap between military members during WW2 and today. We are bloodthirsty, crude, perverted, homoerotic, and irreverent. To all those who fought the good war in the last 15 years, this one should bring back some memories.

    Starrring Rudy Reyes, Terminal Boots, Dr...

  • A Grunt's Life Patrol Base

    Our next show is called A Grunt's Life - it's about an infantry platoon in the Helmand Province in 2008. This is the walkthrough of the patrol base.

    Premiere's September 13, 2017.