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Supply Frustrations | The Bet

The Bet • 3m 0s

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  • The Bet | Teaser

    Sergeant Ripley makes a bet to get head from co-workers in the Office if she wants her duty covered by her birthday weekend, 4th of July '96.

    Coming August 7, 2019.

    Reach out and text someone you served with, social connection saves lives

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  • Kevin McNease | The Bet

    Kevin is one of a kind dude. Honestly, the most passionate and loyal person ever. He's been involved since the very beginning. He hosted the Launch Party in Austin Texas in 2017 and hasn't left our side. He actually changes his majors to film and this summer he joined us on set to help our Behind...

  • Mike and Turner | The Bet

    Mike Marsh, prior Army, and Turner Fair, prior Peace Corps help create the world you see in every production. They have their hands in everything - from the set design, set dressing, props, wardrobe, the list goes on. They have an eye for re-creating the military world in the middle of these ware...