6 Episodes

Team BAMF is the story of a Marine fireteam deployed to southern Afghanistan during the height of OEF. For those that don’t know (nerds and POGs), a Fireteam is made up of four junior Marines and is the smallest autonomous unit in a Marine rifle platoon. Fireteams are oftentimes considered to be a lot like a family. In this case, a violent, alcoholic, trailer trash family that has a penchant to shoot first and ask questions later, as well as a genetic predisposition for mental instability, bestiality, and murder.

LCpl Smith is a marines marine. And by that, we mean he’s a field marine. Are his uniforms always pressed and updated? Probably not. Is his haircut clean and his shave fresh? Almost never. But what he lacks in garrison give-a-damn he fully makes up for in the field. When his second deployment rolls around, he finds himself charged with leading four misfits through the IED littered wastelands of Afghanistan. Smith’s always considered himself a decent leader, but if there has ever existed a fireteam to test his abilities, it’s this one.

There’s LCpl Kelly, senior lance and dirtbag of dirtbags. PFC Brown, a brolic, chronically masturbating meathead that was somehow too stupid to make it into guns in SOI. Lastly, there’s Pvt Taters, the weak, sniveling little Schmuckatelli with a stripper wife and a V6 mustang. Will Smith be able to lead his fireteam to glory, or will the endless barrage of 7.62, NJPs, post, murderous ideations, IEDs, and incompetent higher-ups lead to their downfall?

  • Groundhog Day | EP01

    Episode 1

    Same crap, different day. Never ending cycle of gay. Why oh why won’t you go away? I think I’ve found the only way…

    The days start to blend together as Lance Corporal Smith fights to maintain his sanity in the otherwise insane environment of southern Afghanistan.

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  • The HVT | EP02

    Episode 2

    Uh oh, the Sgt Maj is en route. Better get the idiots off the PB...

    The team stumbles upon an HVT after being sent on a wild goose chase by the Lt and Taters is introduced to the stinky, hooded salami of war.

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  • Eternal Darkness of the Demented Mind | EP03

    Episode 3

    Taters makes a horrifying mistake, Kelly loses something close to his heart, Smith decides to take a life, and Brown pays the ultimate sacrifice.
    As the fighting season heats up, the ultimate question is asked…
    What’s the worse that can happen if you fall asleep on post?

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  • Who Got the Girl Pregnant | EP04

    Episode 4

    The team reminisces on their pre-deployment barracks party as they try to figure out who pumped a baby into a smoking, foul mouthed, sausage vacuum of a lady of the night named Candy.

    Is Taters mature enough to raise a child? Is Kelly prepared to be a father? Is the world prepared for another ...

  • Making A Private | EP05

    Episode 5

    Someone pooped in the Lt’s rack, and the one man without an alibi is immediately found guilty. But how well will this judgment hold up against scrutiny? Will the team’s accounts really hold water? Is the convicted party truly guilty, and if not, will they find justice? What about the peanuts!?


  • Boom Boom, Bang Bang | EP06

    Episode 6

    Tempers flare and blows are thrown when news of Taters less than loyal wife’s activities reach the team. How will Taters handle the situation? Will Kelly finally show some empathy? Will Brown stumble across a sheep pen and finally meet Mrs. Right?
    Find out this week, in the super violent season ...