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Recruiters: Mission First

To Behoove or Not to Behoove | EP03


Up Next in Season 1

  • Breaking Butler | EP04

    Pfc. Wellington returns for the Recruiter Assistance Program, bringing an uncomfortable douchey presence to the office. Grandma Carol visits the office to inspire Butler to get his shit together as he and McCoy continue the struggle of balancing life and work. One has to give as they teeter on th...

  • Rock Bottom | EP05

    After an incident at the Army office, the Marine Corps recruiters receive a visit from MSgt Cena to "check on their welfare."

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  • Revenge of the Butler | EP06

    SSgt Butler showed up to his recruiting station with nothing but good intentions; he wanted to do his part. What he found was that the world of recruiting is a dark and twisted place. Between the outrageous quotas the DOD places, incompetent peers, and a troubled marriage, SSgt Butler gains a new...