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Watch this video and more on VET Tv

It's Hard Out Here for a Gimp | EP05

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  • Kill, Die, Laugh 3.0 | Teaser

    We launched VET Tv June 23, 2017, with our flagship show, Kill, Die, Laugh. It was an instant hit! The entire military was just as hooked as when they were 13 and watched "Girls Gone Wild" Commercials on TV. This show is all about taking serious issues we all faced in the military and shining a ...

  • Gag Reflex | EP 10.5

    Re-run from last week!

    Episode 10.5 will feature tough hypotheticals. They will have a visit from Ralph the Lonely Longshoreman giving out relationship advice and they will be playing the game Gag Reflex, which will be a series of questions that Tim and Dan will have to answer. They can either t...