Meanwhile in the Field

Meanwhile in the Field

6 Episodes

Training hard or hardly training. Watch as two legendary army units revert back to typical grunt shenanigans to kill time while pretending to war during a field op.

Meanwhile in the Field
  • HMMWV Keys | EP1

    Gear accountability is extremely important in any unit in the military, and a junior Soldier finds that out the hard way after leaving his rifle in the latrine. Another junior Soldier finds himself in a pickle after asking his Squad Leader for the HMMWV keys.

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  • Hide and Sleep | EP02

    Sleeping and playing games to pass the time can't happen enough in the field, and Sergeant Hall understands that just like you did as a fresh 18 year old FNG. Will his punishment stack up to your Article 15?

  • Fun on Post 1 | EP03

    Episode 3

    SPC Sanchez and PFC Johnson are finding it difficult to stay awake while on post, so they come up with a resolution of the best way to stay awake. Unfortunately, their decision backfires on them in a major way. VET Tv brings military comedy that hits hard. Shop:

  • The Deal | EP4

    SPC Nelson made a big mistake by not packing enough tobacco for the duration of his time out in the field and he’s reached the point of fiending. His only saving grace is PFC Miller, who agrees to help him out...but at what cost?

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  • M.A.R.C.H. | EP05

    Episode 5

    SGT Foster comes out to the field to give a hip-pocket medical class to a few of the guys. If they think they can get one over on this NCO think again, as her take no bull attitude proves she’s the alpha in this group. Also the new LT arrives and does what LT’s do best.
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  • Quarantine | EP06

    Lieutenant White does not take COVID-19 lightly. Assuming that one of his soldiers has the virus, he makes a poor decision, causing him to spiral out of control and ultimately create a catastrophe. Reach out and text someone you served with. Social connection saves lives. At VET Tv, our military ...