Meanwhile in the Barracks...

Meanwhile in the Barracks...

13 Episodes

Remember sneaking that girl in? Remember fucking that stupid boot up? Remember fighting other pussy units?

We do too. We asked you send us your favorite barracks stories and you delivered. Meanwhile in the Barracks is about re-living the only part about the military that you actually remember...smoking and joking in the barracks.

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Meanwhile in the Barracks...
  • Welcome to the Fleet

    Episode 1

    Meanwhile in the Barracks, we welcome a boot to the fleet, he learns that the next two years are going to "fly" by...

    Later, we witness a sexy health and cumfort inspection where fantasy becomes reality...

  • Carry On Shipmate

    Episode 2

    Meanwhile, in the barracks, a fight goes south and a D-Bag chief wants to talk too much.

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  • Dummy LT
    Episode 3

    Dummy LT

    Episode 3

    Meanwhile, in the barracks, the officer acts like a bitch - he acts like one so he gets treated like one.

    Meanwhile, in the barracks, a boot finds a dependa to bang but had to do so in less than ideal situations...we've all been in worse situations. Gotta do what you gotta do.

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  • Breakfast Burrito

    Episode 4

    Meanwhile, in the barracks...morning chow is complicated by a corporal's untimely arrival.

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  • Barracks Beatdown

    Episode 5

    Meanwhile, in the barracks, we experience what it means to get pummeled by your seniors.

    An After Action Battle: The Battle Back Home
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  • Project Tampon

    Episode 6

    Meanwhile, in the barracks, we go fishing for tampons and eating some shit, literally.

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  • Too Cool For School

    Episode 7

    Meanwhile, in the barracks, high schoolers have to sneak out and Marines bury their porn.

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  • Public Beat

    Episode 8

    Meanwhile in the barracks, a soldier gets caught jerking off and the dogs prowl on the new girl.

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  • Piss Test
    Episode 9

    Piss Test

    Episode 9

    Meanwhile in the barracks, a marine does it all to pass the piss test and a soldier gets aids.

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  • Gangbangsta
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    Meanwhile in the barracks, another gangbang gone wrong...too many dicks, not enough chicks.

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  • Marine On Duty

    Episode 11

    Meanwhile in the barracks, Sgt Maj's daughter wants to play and a soldier loses his girl to the game

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  • Panty Thief
    Episode 12

    Panty Thief

    Episode 12

    Meanwhile in the barracks, there's a panty thief on the loose and a MFM threesome goes wrong.

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  • Lord of Porn

    Episode 13

    Meanwhile in the barracks, the Lord of Porn delivers the goods and a delivery guy gets scammed.


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