Kill, Die, Laugh

Kill, Die, Laugh

3 Seasons

(3 seasons)
Making light of the usually serious things that happen in the military, we hold a mirror up to the chain of command in an attempt to unravel the hypocrisy within its ranks. It may not have been the most pleasant experience, and many carry that with them for the rest of their lives, but here is the show where you can let loose, laugh, and have a sense of pride over that time of your life.

Kill, Die, Laugh
  • MEPS | EP01

    Episode 1

    Charlie and everyone's favorite mom from KDL season 1 are back! Kudos to Master Chief Santos and co. for reeling Charlie into the Navy! Let's see how Charlie stacks up against the rest of the poolies going through MEPS with him.

    What was your favorite (or not so favorite) part MEPS? The duck wa...

  • Infantry Officer Course | EP02

    Episode 2

    Infantry Officers Course... a peek behind the curtains.

    Reach out and text someone you served with, social connection saves lives

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  • Trading Spouses | EP03

    Episode 3

    Former West Point graduate Colonel Bates, and unhappily married SSgt. Torres trade spouses for a month. It doesn't take much time for these men to find out they'll be trading way more than just spouses.

    See what happens when Enlisted family values collide with Officer expectations on "Trading S...

  • Undercover Major | EP04

    Episode 4

    You've seen Undercover Boss...well here's the military version!

    Reach out and text someone you served with, social connection saves lives

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  • Combat Sports Network | EP05

    Episode 5

    Who watches Sports? You know when the QB walks off the field after throwing the game winning touch down and that Fox news reporter chases him down to get an interview. That exactly like this...only they just walked out of Hell, get some.

    Reach out and text someone you served with, social con...

  • Moist Justice | EP06

    Episode 6

    The Moist Justice team presents "How to Catch a Jody" with Chaplin Santos. This week, Moist Justice has an operation set up to catch unfaithful servicemen and women who risk their marriages and careers at a chance to "visit" a lonely wife whose spouse is supposedly deployed.

    It's all a fun game ...