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The Bet | EP01

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Army Of Three | EP01

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  • The Bet | EP01

    Sergeant Holiday finds out her mother's rent is overdue and decides to take on The Bet using manipulation as her weapon of choice.

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  • Combat Center | EP01

    In this weeks episode of Combat Center, a rookie Private gets thrown under the bus by his NCO’s while superstar machine gunner Hershel Fudge sticks to his story when asked about civilian casualties. Taliban field reporter woman number 33 also gets a response you wouldn’t expect from leadership af...

  • The King and the Butler | EP01

    Marine Corps Recruiting Sub-Station El Cajon is in need of a replacement after a tragic event at a local high school career day. Strait-laced combat veteran, Staff Sergeant Michael Butler, fresh out of recruiting school, faces unconventional warfare on the moral battlefield that is the life of a ...