• A Grunt's Life

    3 seasons

    On a small and remote patrol base in the Helmand province of Afghanistan, a foul-mouthed, comical, bloodthirsty Marine Lieutenant and his stoic Platoon Sergeant lead a rifle platoon as they battle the Taliban, the Company Commander, and their own humanity.

  • Welcome to the Fleet | Meanwhile in the Barracks

    From this episode of Meanwhile in the Barracks, Corporal Deacon welcomes a boot to the fleet, giving him the lay of the land while introducing him to what it truly means to be a part of the military.

    Check out both seasons of Meanwhile in the Barracks here: https://veterantv.app.link/meanwhile-i...

  • Proving Grounds

    1 season

    The VET Tv Proving Grounds is a program to develop new show ideas with input directly from you. Make sure to comment on the episodes and tell us if you think it should be a series!

  • Operation Heal★arious


    Finalists battle it out in the search for America’s funniest Veterans and Military Spouses.