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Episode of the Day

240 for 240: Brothers Blown Apart | EP 06


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  • Monday Night Combat Part 2 | EP04

    After scratching for their first kill, Thomas Grady and the remains of the 82nd's main element push down the field to take the fight to the enemy compound. Meanwhile, Taliban Unit Commander Abu Fahad ditches his playbook for an alternative plan to withstand the American's ground attack as they t...

  • Monday Night Combat | EP03

    In this weeks matchup of Monday Night Combat, Thomas Grady and the 82nd Army Airborne travel east to face off against Abu Fahad and the Taliban fighters of 3rd Battalion, 2nd Jihad. John McFadden and Al Mitchell will be hillside to call the action.
    This is from episode 5 of Kill Die Laugh. Watch ...

  • Department of Offense | Not the Father

    Maury's brother Larry Povich takes us into the compelling story of Baby Chate.
    This is from episode 12 of Department of Offense. Watch the whole series here:

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