Devil Docs

Devil Docs

8 Episodes

Hospital Corpsman Third Class (HM3) Jessica Squibb (Jessica Mandala) is thrust into the new world of greenside BAS, where she reconnects with her old blueside companion HM3 Marco Luna (Fernando Rivera) while meeting her new LPO HM1 Fox (Donny O’Malley). Unbeknownst to Squibb, several other Devil Docs have been anticipating her arrival for various, some not so tactful, reasons.

On a quest to earn her Fleet Marine Force Pin, HM3 Squibb encounters some common issues for a woman entering a world of playboys, liars, and Marines. As each new obstacle comes up, Squibb has to decide to either face the issues head on, wait them out, or eat an extra pint of ice cream.

Devil Docs
  • Greenside

    Episode 1

    Hospital Corpsman Third Class (HM3) Jessica Squibb reports in for her first day at the 7th ESB BAS, Camp Pendleton. Upon her arrival she meets her new leadership, rekindles an old friendship, and makes the acquaintances of a couple docs who seemingly all have a premeditated agendas with her. It’s...

  • Corpsman Up!

    Episode 2

    Now single, HM3 Squibb focuses on her work in an attempt to distract herself from the disturbing events from the night prior. Meanwhile, HM3 Spencer convinces HM3 Jones to double down the odds of him hooking up with Squibb at the Marine Corps Ball.

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  • Flu-zy Season

    Episode 3

    Lust is in the air as all the docs of 7th ESB’s Battalion Aid Station all use government resources while giving flu shots to position themselves for a night of premarital fun. All of them except for HM3 Luna, who’s hosting trivia night at the local dive bar and still trying to figure out what to ...

  • Fear the Flame

    Episode 4

    HM3 Squibb gets serious about patient care after her Tinder swiping landed her in IDC Fox’s dog house. Despite his barracks almost catching on fire during chow, HM3 Spencer helps his boy HM3 Jones film his pitch for a famous rapper to accompany them to the Marine Corps Ball. Meanwhile HM3 Luna tr...

  • Sergeant Steal Your Girl

    Episode 5

    HM3 Luna prepares to take advantage of his wife going out of town and has the other docs of 7th ESB on Camp Pendleton over for a night of debauchery. As they all prime themselves for the rager, an unexpected guest — of the tall, dark, and handsome Marine species — pulls off a cheap ploy to steal ...

  • The Marine Corps Ball

    Episode 6

    HM3 Squibb is accompanied by Sergeant Miller to the Marine Corps Ball, forcing HM3 Spencer to find a last-minute date. As Spencer's window to take a legitimate shot at Squibb closes, some absurd drama ensues between the docs. In an uncharacteristic act of nobility, Spencer makes his move, much t...

  • Interview with Real Navy Corpsman | Devil Docs

    During the production of Devil Docs, we had the opportunity to sit down with some Active Duty Navy Corpsmen and Retired Marines. Here's what they have to say about Devil Docs.

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  • Behind the Scenes | Devil Docs

    Ever wonder what it's like on a VET Tv production? Here is some happenings behind the scenes. Enjoy!