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5 Episodes

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  • Team BAMF | Teaser

    One fireteam. Seven months. Endless absurdity.

    A Marine fireteam deployed to southern Afghanistan find themselves battling not only the enemy that lies beyond the wire, but also the motarded, maniacal, many-headed beast that is their chain of command.

    If you like this trailer, watch the full se...

  • Combat Sports Network | Teaser

    Combat Sports Network
    This is CSN... where killing is sport.

    CSN host a variety of highly entertaining productions that glorify modern day war fighting and its participants. Episodes like "Monday Night Combat" and "The Talibine" cover live broadcasts much like ESPN does with Sunday Night Foot...

  • The Bet | Teaser

    Sergeant Ripley makes a bet to get head from co-workers in the Office if she wants her duty covered by her birthday weekend, 4th of July '96.

    Coming August 7, 2019.

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  • Checkpoint Charlie 2 | Teaser

    Sgt Butts struggles to “make it” in the civilian world as Cpl Lawrence and Pfc Cera experience a spot of fame following a huge drug/prostitution bust at Ft. Stewart. A new 2nd Lt brings out the worst in Sgt Dean while an AWOL Pvt plots to take them all down.

    Coming September 18, 2019.


  • Shipmates | Teaser

    When an NCIS agent is tasked with investigating the death of the most hated officer on the USS Essex, he discovers just how terrible life is for the enlisted sailors on board.

    Premieres December 11, 2019.