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Combat Sports Network

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Military and lovers of war past and present across the world tune into Combat Sports Network to get latest combat news delivered in the most irreverent way possible by some of the most revered figures in combat sports history. Want to check out all the EKIA’s around the league? Then check out Combat Center to get your fill of kills and highlights you might have missed from last week’s action. Love live coverage of savage firefights and instant replays of terrorists losing limbs? Then don’t miss Monday Night Combat where some of the best infantry units in America square off against subhuman, yet persistent terrorist organizations such as the Taliban. Love combat but miss the drama of CONUS? Check out CSN’s 240 for 240 docuseries and bear witness to some of the most bizarre controversies in combat sports history explained for the first time with exclusive interviews from past fighters. The list of programs goes on as SOI: Hard Knocks captures behind the scenes looks as boots get jacked up as they to make their units active roster, and bluechip terrorists recruits prep for their Talibine. There’s much much more on CSN that will provide you the warmth and comfort you crave when it comes to watching your favorite combat fighters ensure that our enemies die slow and cruelly. This is Combat Sports Network.

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Combat Sports Network
  • The Talibine | EP02

    Bluechip prospects Abu Fahad and company attend the 2004 Talibine with aspirations of becoming the franchise cornerstone for any terrorist organization willing to draft them. Watch these men hustle to impress Talibine scouts as they try to survive drill after drill...literally.

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  • Monday Night Combat | EP03

    In this weeks matchup of Monday Night Combat, Thomas Grady and the 82nd Army Airborne travel east to face off against Abu Fahad and the Taliban fighters of 3rd Battalion, 2nd Jihad. John McFadden and Al Mitchell will be hillside to call the action.
    This is from episode 5 of Kill Die Laugh. Watch ...

  • Monday Night Combat Part 2 | EP04

    After scratching for their first kill, Thomas Grady and the remains of the 82nd's main element push down the field to take the fight to the enemy compound. Meanwhile, Taliban Unit Commander Abu Fahad ditches his playbook for an alternative plan to withstand the American's ground attack as they t...

  • Training Camp | EP05

    A parody of HBO's Hard Knocks, CSN Films presents an all-access look at the daily lives and struggles of United States Marines trying to make the active roster for the upcoming combat deployment in Training Camp with the 2nd Battalion 7th Marines.

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  • 240 for 240: Brothers Blown Apart | EP 06

    Nearly a decade after “the play” that sent shockwaves through the combat sports world, the 240 for 240 team sits down with retired Taliban stars Bahkar Salar and Hanel Hanafi in hopes of getting closure to one of the most bizarre friendly fires in history.

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  • Combat Center | EP01

    In this weeks episode of Combat Center, a rookie Private gets thrown under the bus by his NCO’s while superstar machine gunner Hershel Fudge sticks to his story when asked about civilian casualties. Taliban field reporter woman number 33 also gets a response you wouldn’t expect from leadership af...