Checkpoint Charlie Season 2

Checkpoint Charlie Season 2

5 Episodes

Sergeant Butts struggles in the civilian world working a mundane job at the TSA, inevitably deciding to enter back into the Army reserves. Corporal Laurence and Private First Class Cera bust a huge drug ring at Fort Stewart but struggle between maintaining friendship within the rank structure. A new 2nd Lieutenant makes life miserable for Sergeant Dean forcing Dean to step out of character and plot to take him down. Our climax revolves around all our characters coming together for an active shooter demonstration where an AWOL Specialist brings in live rounds to destroy all of them.

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Checkpoint Charlie Season 2
  • Army Of Three | EP01

    Episode 1

    Veteran Dick Butts uses his prior military experience to take his career to the next level. A couple of familiar faces stop by the gate allowing Corporal Laurence and his partner Private First Class Cera to track down the leader of the notorious Drug Ring at Fort Stewart. An incoming mandate from...

  • 22 A Day | EP 02

    Episode 2

    The struggle for Veteran Butts to acclimate into the civilian world is far too real. Corporal Laurence and Private First Class Cera make one of the biggest busts in Fort Stewart history, while a new 2nd Lieutenant Bridges leaves a bad taste in Sergeant Dean’s mouth (not sexual).

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  • Warriors Wanted | EP03

    Episode 3

    Veteran Butts’ depression reaches the ultimate threshold; will he find the strength to continue, or become another statistic? Back at Fort Stewart, Corporal Laurence’s Father joins him and Private First Class Cera out on patrol for the day as they get into more ridiculous situations, while Sergea...

  • Reunionation | EP04

    Episode 4

    A special assignment for Sergeant Butts leaves Sergeant Dean to deal with his favorite sovereign citizens, Deputy Hook ‘em and Deputy Book’em, leading to a battle of rank versus experience between Lieutenant Bridges and Sergeant Dean. Meanwhile, Corporal Laurence and Private First Class Cera get ...

  • Snek Attack | EP05

    Episode 5

    Sergeant Dean and Sergeant Butts set out on a secret mission attempting to confirm or deny suspicions of Lieutenant Bridges. On patrol, Corporal Laurence and Private First Class Cera get caught in the crossfire of a strange, spooky domestic dispute, while AWOL Specialist Trevor Williams tracks th...