Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie

2 Seasons

(2 Seasons) Military Police at Fort Stewart defend the gate with hilarious authority.. See Jack Mandaville, Rich 'Angry Cops' Hy, Nathan Ing and many more favorites in two seasons of Checkpoint Charlie.

Checkpoint Charlie
  • Making Quota | EP01

    Episode 1

    The awards system is BS and birds aren't real! Sgt. Butts talks bird conspiracy, gets power hungry with Officer Daniels, and tries to exceed his ticket quota to look good for the new Base Commander, but Sgt. Dean gets all the credit.

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  • Post Crisis | EP02

    Episode 2

    A "pep talk" from Sgt. Dean kicks off a day the guys will never forget. Sgt. Butts plays 20 questions with an attractive officer and talks flat earth theory with his buddy before an unruly pregnant woman (Chelcie Lynn) attempts to get on base to shoot an adult film.

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  • Training Day | EP03

    Episode 3

    The guys are mesmerized by a female cops mangina before being put through a training demonstration by the local P.D (Donny O'Malley and Donut Operator). Heather (Heather Lynn) comes to the gate with her father, the Sgt. Major in an attempt to suck the life/soul out of PFC Lawrence.

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  • Gun Bunny | EP04

    Episode 4

    Two JTAC’s (Jarred Taylor and T.J. Kirgin) roll up to the gate in a sexy Lamborghini for a statewide training event and Sgt. Butt’s favorite gun bunny, Leanne Abernathy (Breanne Ryan) stops by with her stolen valor handler, Alabaster Chrome (Travis Leonard).

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  • Dependapotamus | EP05

    Episode 5

    The guys want to know what the sham life is all about when a male dependent (Charlie Classic) shows up to the gate with a sexy Kill Cliff ambassador (Brojaq). Sgt. Dean has a field day with a couple unruly sovereign citizens (Deputy Hook'em and Deputy Book'em) while Sgt. Butts and PFC Lawrence ma...

  • Terror Strikes | EP06

    Episode 6

    The lady-killer, Sgt. Butts turns up his charm for a liberal civilian nurse (Jessica Mandala) and a conservative police officer (Allison Yaple). Bakar (Fernando Rivera) and Hassan (Logan Stark) attempt to enter the base, raising the guys' suspicion of a possible terrorist attack.

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  • Hail and Farewell | EP07

    Episode 7

    The Base General and Sgt. Major catch PFC Lawrence and Sgt. Butts at their worst. We say Hail and Farewell to Sgt. Butts in our season finale with guest appearances from some of our most memorable characters throughout the season.

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