Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie

3 Episodes

Outside of Army Base Fort Stewart, on Checkpoint Charlie, we witness the classic battle between soldiers who skate and soldiers who actually care, there can only be one victor.

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Checkpoint Charlie
  • Episode 1: Making Quota

    Episode 1

    The awards system is BS and birds aren't real! Sgt. Butts talks bird conspiracy, gets power hungry, and tries to exceed his ticket quota to look good for the new Base Commander, but Sgt. Dean gets all the credit.

    This is Episode 1, watch the rest on the Checkpoint Charlie Channel.

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  • Episode 2: Post Crisis

    Episode 2

    A "pep talk" from Sgt. Dean kicks off a day the guys will never forget. Sgt. Butts plays 20 questions with an attractive officer and talks flat earth theory with his buddy before an unruly pregnant woman attempts to get on base to shoot an adult film.

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  • Episode 3: Training Day/Sgt. Major's Daughter

    Episode 3

    The guys are mesmerized by a female cops mangina before being put through a training demonstration by the local P.D. Heather comes to the gate with her father, the Sgt. Major in an attempt to suck the life/soul out of Private Lawrence.

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