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Army Sketches

Combat Sports Network | EP05


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    Filmed across various parts of the natural military world, the show that started it all, Kill Die Laugh, is back for season 3. Here in episode 1, saddle up with an attractive "British" voice narrating the gloriously ridiculous scenarios encountered by the United States Armed Forces. An episode un...

  • Military Justice | EP02

    When a serious accusation of sexual assault comes up, the chain of command does its best rendition of sweating the small stuff. Nothing will stand in the way of First Sergeant Cortez taking every detour possible to avoid dealing with the most important issue at hand. Whether you simply stole a no...

  • Department of Offense | WW2 Stories Pt 1

    The Real, Raw - "Band of Brothers."
    This is from episode 13 of Department of Offense. Watch the whole series here:
    Reach out and text someone you served with, social connection saves lives

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