A Grunt's Life

  • A Grunt's Life
    1 season

    A Grunt's Life

    1 season

    On a small and remote patrol base in the Helmand province of Afghanistan, a foul-mouthed, comical, bloodthirsty Marine Lieutenant and his stoic Platoon Sergeant lead a rifle platoon as they battle the Taliban, the Company Commander, and their own humanity.

  • A Grunt's Life - Official Movie

    Imagine a movie showing everything you joked and fantasized about while you were in combat … well we made that movie, just for you.

    This dark, irreverent comedy horror is made for those who have had their minds twisted by war.

    On a remote patrol base in Helmand Province of Afghanistan in 2008, ...

  • A Grunt's Life | Film Set Recon

    Walkthrough of the "A Grunt's Life" Patrol Base set with Donny O'Malley.

    Reach out and text someone you served with, social connection saves lives.

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